Burning Crayon Emergency Lighting

Burning Crayon Emergency Lighting

Burning Crayon Emergency Lighting - So a friend of mine shared some information about using a crayon as a candle in case of an emergency. The post claimed that the crayon will burn for 30 minutes. I wasn’t convinced, so I decided to put it to the test, TWICE.  Today was the perfect day to see if a crayon would work as a candle in the event of an power outage since my daughter is at school.

Burning Crayon Emergency Lighting

Does a Crayon burn for 30 minutes?

Simply, NO. It does not burn for 30 minutes.

How long does a crayon burn for?

2 tests later, I am confident that you will get 14-15 minutes out of a full size crayon.

How to burn a crayon like a candle?

First thing, your crayon must have the paper still on it. The paper is what holds it together, keeps the crayon upright, and the reason for the flame.

If you are using a new crayon you will need toburn or cut the excess wax off the top, lining up to the paper.

Make sure you use a heat resistant plate, or dish of some sort. The flame gets fairly high as you can see in the picture and seeing how thin the crayon is this could be very dangerous.

NEVER leave the room with this burning. I observed the behaviour of the flame over the course of 15 minutes and it is very fussy. Don’t leave it unattended.

Oh and a burning crayon stinks! I don’t burn candles in my house because of the toxins so this was something I wasn’t looking forward to BUT I was so curious I had to try and in the event that you need light when the power is out if you do not have any other options, it works!