Chipotle 20th Anniversary Scavenger Hunt

Adventuritto Chipotle 20th Anniversary Scavenger Hunt

Chipotle 20th Anniversary Scavenger Hunt – Welcome to the greatest Adventurrito of your life. Work your way through 20 puzzles as you seek the greatest glory of all time: free burritos for 20 years. Or rely on chance in the daily drawing on the quest for free burritos for a whole year.

Every 24 hours, starting at 20:20MT on July 13th, a new puzzle will be unlocked. Once unlocked, the puzzle stays unlocked until Adventurrito is over (at 20:20MT on August 3rd). That means that if you join Adventurrito after it’s started, you will be able to work on that day’s puzzle and any that were unlocked before it, in any order you want.

Enter answers on each puzzle page. Most puzzles will require Internet research and most of the answers will be in text form. Watch the video and read the clue to find out what the puzzle is asking for. You can’t submit an answer if you’ve left anything blank or unselected.

There is NO LIMIT to how many times you can enter a wrong answer. If your answer is incorrect, you can go back and try again. So guess your heart out. For each puzzle you solve, you’ll get a medallion. You have to solve the first 19 puzzles – and collect those 19 medallions – to unlock the final puzzle #20.

For the first 24 hours that a puzzle is available, you can enter a daily drawing to win a year of burritos just by trying to solve the puzzle. That’s right – submit an answer to that puzzle, and you’re entered to win even if that answer’s incorrect. So if you want to win burritos for a year, you should work on each puzzle the day that it’s unlocked. But if you join Adventurrito on Day 4, for example, you can’t enter the drawings for Days 1-3 by submitting answers to those puzzles.

If you win the daily sweepstakes, we’ll contact you by email and phone. Only winners will be notified.

Chipotle 20th Anniversary Scavenger Hunt

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