Krave Choco Hunt Contest

Krave Choco Hunt Contest

Krave Choco Hunt Contest –

Look inside specially marked boxes of Kellogg’s Krave cereal.
Your code will be 8 characters long and enter it online at for your chance to win. I absolutely love this cereal and so does my daughter. It is a nice treat for breakfast in the morning, but it is not something that we eat all the time.

Krave Choco Hunt Contest

Collect HUNT CODES from inside participating Kellogg’s Krave cereal boxes and use them to enter at Catch the right prey and you could WIN instantly! Plus, you could earn bonus HUNT CODES by playing CHOCO HUNT games at

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Where do you get Choco Hunt Codes?

The code is printed on the inside front panel of the box.
A maximum of 3 Krave Choco Hunt Codes from separate Kellogg’s Krave cereal boxes can be entered each day

Free Choco Hunt Codes

To obtain a free Krave Choco Hunt Code simply visit and enter your login information for Kellogg’s or sign up to get a Choco Hunt Hunting Licence to win Choco Hunt Codes by playing their game online. You have to catch 3 of the same chocolatey pieces to WIN. Reach a score of 250 to get a code. You can get up to 2 Choco Hunt Codes a day.

How Do You Play The Choco Hunt Game?

Ok so I realize after playing it a few times that the goal is to get as far down as you can with the net and then catch all the Choco pieces that you can on the way back up. I originally would try and catch the first thing I could but it would bring me back to the top therefore I was only catching 1 or 2 things.

Krave Choco Hunt Prizes

There are over 2000 prizes to be won in the Kellogg’s Krave Choco Hunt Promotion.

  • There are one thousand nine hundred and four (1,904) Level 1 Instant Win Hourly Prizes (each a “Level 1 Prize“), one hundred and twelve (112) Level 2 Instant Win Daily Prizes (each a “Level 2 Prize“), and sixteen (16) Level 3 Instant Win Weekly Prizes (each a “Level 3 Prize“) available to be won at the outset of this Contest.
  • Level 1 Prize: free song download.
  • Level 2 Prize consists of either: one digital camera, one pair of over-ear headphones, or one  MP3 player
  • Level 3 Prize consists of either: one 42″ HD TV, one 32GB tablet computer, or one laptop computer

I would love to win the 32GB Tablet computer!